Will you allow yourself to open up, to feel yourself? Will you allow your consciousness, the core of you, into your human life?



Tobias’ School: Discovering Your Passion!

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Price: 195 US dollars

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Find your inner Joy!

Do you feel stuck in your life? That most of it repeats it self? That nothing has real meaning anymore? That your enthusiasm has disappeared? Then this course is for you!

In the spiritual development most people at some point experience that passion disappears from their life. Nothing has meaning any more. Even search for spiritual enlightenment becomes uninteresting. We feel lost, foggy.

But as Tobias says, you have been changing everything about your consciousness; it should be no surprise that the old human-oriented passion changes as well - to make room for the passion of the soul!
Through this course, you can come to understand the difference between an old energy passion and your soul’s true passion. You will discover that passion is the soul’s desire to express its joy, and this joy can be part of everything and anything you choose to do in your life.


The course contains 5 channeled dvds with Tobias from the Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe from the Crimson Circle. The dvds are in English with Danish subtitles. Besides there will be instructor led exercises, helping you to find clarity in a lot of areas in your life - enabling you to conscious choose what you want to do in your life!

You will have access to read the transcript of the channels on the Crimson Circle graduate site.

The activities are in Danish. We can translate into English and German if needed.



TIMES: Saturday,  : Registration: 9.30-10.00 .  Course: 10.00-17.00 .
Sunday,  :  Course: 10.00-16.00

LOCATION: AMARAM, 18 Hovedgaden, Nim, 8740 Braedstrup, (12 km NV of Horsens, East Jutland
Find your way here

TRANSPORT: You may find public transport here:
If you fly to Billund, you’ll find airport busses here
By flight to Aarhus, busses are here

LODGING: In Braedstrup, 7 km north of Nim, is Hotel Pejsegaarden, a big hotel also used for conferences etc. In the outskirt near a wood. Click here    Braedstrup kro is an older and smaller place in the middle of the town. Click here Bus no.110 stops right outside both places

There is one private B&B’s about 100 m from us. Please contact us if you are interested.

In Horsens, 12 km southeast of Nim, there are several possibilities with different prices. Please see here

Bus no. 110 drives between Silkeborg and Horsens, and stops in Braedstrup and in Nim. In Nim it stops about 50 m from us, right by the former “Spar” grocery store.
If you need any help with transport or lodging, you are most welcome to contact us!

MEALS: We make coffee and tea in the breaks, and something sweet in the short breaks. You can bring your lunch, and prepare it in our kitchen. Or you may buy lunch from us. (It’ll be bread, cheese, meat, tomatoes etc.) Because of shopping we’ll have to know on Thursday the 19th if you want to buy it from us.

BREAKS: We will have a lunch break for 1 hour, and some short breaks.

PRICE: 195 US dollars (Lodging and transportation not included.)
Signing up at the top of page. Please Click here

Crimson Circle cancellation policy: 25% in cancellation fee when canceled until  72 hours before the course. (None, if gift card is accepted)  50% when canceled later. (25 %, if gift card is accepted)

TEACHERS: Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen. If you have any questions, please contact us:  or cell: Anne: +45 3027 8042  Finn: +45 6160 147


“I really see many things in my life different now.”

“I felt so safe that I could open up to depth in my self.”

“I have released a lot of old beliefs about what I ought to do.”

“It has changed my life - I am much more I!”

“I had some important Aha’s during the workshop!

Passion (2)

To watch a short intro to the workshop from Crimson Circle on YouTube here

Testimonials from previous attendees here

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