Will you allow yourself to open up, to feel yourself? Will you allow your consciousness, the core of you, into your human life?



Course: Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse (SES )

With Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain

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Price: 595 US dollars. 

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No more victimhood!  Learn to love yourself!

The lack of true self love and the lack of total acceptance of our selves is the real reason for all our problems and difficulties.

On an unconscious level we will sabotage our selves and become victim. We do not feel we deserve the good things in life, a joyful and meaningful live with meaningful relations. We may blame others, our background or circumstances in live. But at the deepest level it is our own creation!

You can choose breaking that circle and start living with much deeper joy and in contact with your True Self. You can become the conscious creator of your own life!

The SES course is a deeply transforming experience. You will see your relations in a quite different way: your relation with you self, your family, friends, working colleges and the whole society.
You will learn how abuse and all kinds of manipulation in it’s core is energy stealing. How it occurs almost everywhere - and besides how to recognize and stop it in your own life!

Deeply embedded wounds can come forward and be met with love and compassion in order to be healed, so you can release your victim role.
At the same time you may find a total new balance between your masculine and feminine sides, so you really can love you self without conditions!

The workshop is for:

Anyone who has experienced abuse of any kind in their life;
Anyone who want to stop abuse and unbalanced energies in their life;
Professional facilitators  who work with these issues;
All facilitators; your work with clients may reach quite new levels!
Anyone who wishes to understand inter-personal energy dynamics from a New Energy perspective.

Workshop format:

The 3 days include 10 channeled sessions with Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain from The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe on DVD´s and instructor lead activities and discussions.

Language: The DVD`s are in English with Danish subtitles. The activities and discussions will be in English, but we will translate to German and Danish if needed. The participants will get the whole text transcript after the class.



TIMES: : Registration 9.30-10.  Course: 10 -17.
: Course: 10 -17.
: Course: 10 - 16

LOCATION: AMARAM, 18 Hovedgaden, Nim, 8740 Braedstrup, (12 km NV of Horsens, East Jutland
Find your way here

TRANSPORTATION: You may find public transport here:
If you fly to Billund, you’ll find airport busses here
By flight to Aarhus, busses are here
If you fly to Copenhagen, you can go directly from the airport to the main station with the Metro. From the main station there are trains directly to Horsens

Bus no 110 goes between Horsens and Braedstrup - Silkeborg and stops 50 m from our place.

LODGING: In Braedstrup, 7 km north of Nim, is Hotel Pejsegaarden, a big hotel also used for conferences etc. In the outskirt near a wood. Click here   

Braedstrup kro is an older and smaller place in the middle of the town. Click here

Bus no.110 stops right outside both places

In Horsens, 12 km southeast of Nim, there are several possibilities with different prices. Please see here

There is a private B&B’s about 100 m from us. Please contact us if you are interested.
If you need any help with transport or lodging, you are most welcome to contact us!

MEALS: We serve water, coffee and tea, and snacks. You have to bring your own lunch. There is a kitchen where you may prepare your lunch.

BREAKS: We will have a lunch break for 1 1/2 hour, and 1 or 2 short breaks.

PRICE: 595 US dollars
Signing up at the top of page. Please Click here

If you have taken the class before, you only have to pay half the price. Please contact us before signing up to get a special link.

Crimson Circle cancellation policy: 25% in cancellation fee when canceled until  72 hours before the course.  50% when canceled later.

TEACHERS: Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen. If you have any questions, please contact us:  or cell: Anne: +45 3027 8042  Finn: +45 6160 147


“My life will never be the same.”

“The course reminds us of how valuable we are, and after attending it, I have concentrated on love, not so much even on realising what the feeding games are - it'll be there - but really concentrated on loving myself. For that is what I have realised before, but have not been able to complete.”

“It surely was one of the most profound experiences of my ascension process.

I'm still feeling complete, it's quiet in my head which makes a huge change to the previous hustle.”

“During and after the workshop I've really felt pieces coming together. It's a very deep and loving experience - a lot of things come up that allow me to make more conscious and deliberate choices. The essence of SES comes down to really engaging to love yourself. I recommend the workshop to anyone who feels even slightly drawn to it!”

“I had expected much, and got even more!”


To see a short YouTube intro please click here

This new updated version of SES adds the New Energy to it, and brings it to the consciousness level of today. The core material from Tobias (from 2006) is still so relevant and with the additions from Adamus Saint Germain you get unique experience that can change your life on a deep level!

If you have taken the “old” SES before, you can still benefit from this update. And as graduate you only have to pay half the price! Please contact us before signing up to get a special link.

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